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Can You Use Cannabis to Manifest Your Ideal Future? (Neville Goddard Book Review for Stoners)

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marijuana as ideal future

I recently was smoking a joint while aimlessly drifting about in a sea of videos on Youtube when I saw this video by the MasterKeySociety read a book by the author Neville Goddard. The book entitled, “Feeling is the Secret” can be experienced in a single sitting since it takes about 40-minutes for the total narration of the book.


This is perfect for a stoner like me who, after having read and written thousands of words in a single day – don’t always want to read, but always wants to learn more. Thus, the audio format worked and I continued to smoke my joint from the beginning to the end.


This blog will attempt to achieve several things;


  1. A Low-Key Stoner Review on the Book itself covering the core concepts

  2. How you could potentially utilize cannabis to achieve what is being discussed in the book itself


For those of you who don’t know who Neville Goddard is, he was an author. Here’s Wikipedia’s breakdown on his character;


Goddard was born in Barbados on February 19, 1905, to Joseph Nathaniel and Wilhelmina Goddard. He immigrated to New York City c. 1922, where he initially worked as a ballet and ballroom dancer.[2][3]


In 1931, he began to study under an Ethiopian rabbi, named Abdullah who introduced him to Kabbalah.[2] He was not naturalized until around the time of World War II, when he served in the United States Army – Wikipedia


While this description doesn’t do justice on what the man achieved, I cannot tell you how many times his name came up in various different esoteric circles. From practitioners of Magick to practitioners of the Law of Attraction – Goddard impacted them all.


Now it’s important to note that Goddard did place a heavy emphasis on the Bible, but unlike your traditional Christian point of view, Goddard rather treated the Bible as if it was a magickal grimoire. In other words, it serves more as a manual for life and the evolution of consciousness, than a literal depiction on reality.


To Goddard, the parables and stories in the Bible hint at deeper truths and interactions between the conscious and unconscious mind. Therefore, when we quote things from the Bible in this article…attempt to view it in the same light as the author did.


In other words, don’t be a silly little bitch and don’t take things personally.


Now, let’s get into the meat of it!


A Stoner’s Review on “Feeling is the Secret by Neville Goddard”

The author begins the book by explaining that he doesn’t care whether you believe him or not. He notes that this book will be “short in length” since he removed all the parts of him trying to defend his ideas. Rather, he challenges the reader to “try them and see if they work”, and if they don’t to ignore him and his work.


This is a refreshing perspective that many times are lacking within the self-developmental circle. People tend to drink their own “Kool-Aid” and take themselves too seriously and when there is someone within this niche that says, “Hey, listen…this is what I know and whether you want to or not…that’s up to you!” is quite a breath of fresh air.


It also allows the author to simply remove all the chains and to just flow with the truths that he uncovered during his research.


And as you can imagine – the major conclusion the author came to is; “Feeling is the Secret!”


Not thought or action, but feeling…


The base premise of Goddard’s message in this book is that the only way to manifest your desire is to tap into the feeling of it and embody the feeling of the “wish-fulfilled” in your present moment. In other words, “How would you feel if you were to achieve your intention, desire, or wish?”


The easy answer is – “I’d feel good!” but the problem with this vague answer is, “What does good feel like?”


The trick is to tap into the emotional field of the “wish-fulfilled”. For example, if you are trying to manifest a higher paying job or a promotion at work – how would you feel the moment after your boss or the hiring manager says, “Congratulations – it’s yours!”


Or how would you feel to hit your target weight after months of dieting, training, retraining, and being disciplined? What would be the emotions that would be swimming in your body? Where are they located? How intense are they? Are there other related emotions that synergizes with the base emotion of the “accomplished state”?


According to the author, “You cannot manifest a desire, you can only manifest that what you are!” (paraphrased) meaning, that in order to obtain your desires you need to shift from “wanting” to “having”.


For many, this statement creates a glitch in their programming. “How can I have something I don’t have? Isn’t that the purpose of a desire?”


The answer – according to Goddard – is “feeling”. It’s shifting into the “feeling of having it” and removing yourself from the “feeling of wanting it”.


To do this, you project yourself into the image of your desire. Whatever that might mean to you. You simply have to imagine you obtaining your goal or objective, and then – shift your awareness from “observation” to “being”.


In other words, you’ll shoot your awareness into the image generated in your head. You’ll experience the projection from the “first person perspective” and not from the “third person perspective” (the way we typically view our memories).


When you shift your awareness into the projection, you can then utilize your mirror neurons to resonate with the projected frequency of the “accomplished state”. In other words, you begin to harmonize with that “emotional configuration” in the present moment.


You grow the feeling, you make it touch every cell of your body…and then you lock this feeling into your being.


The trick then is to remain in this general zone of accomplishment. Experience the “Peace, Security, Joy” that you would if all your desires came true right now – and the unconscious will make it so.


But how does this all work?


Fortunately, Goddard also mentions the mechanics of this in the book in where the conscious mind (the masculine energy of the self), imparts the desire unto the unconscious (feminine energy) which then from the void of creation manifests the desired reality.


The reason why “feeling” is the secret is because “feeling” is the language of the unconscious mind. To the unconscious mind, there is little importance about what’s going on in the real world. You can both see a factual display of data, and “feel” completely different about it.


Someone could say something like, “There’s no danger here, all of these protections have been tested thoroughly, you’re perfectly safe!” except in your gut you feel the opposite to be true. No matter the facts presented, the feeling doesn’t change!


This is because that’s the unconscious utilizing a different means of interacting with baseline reality. For the unconscious mind, everything felt is true…even if you don’t physically have it. Thus, if you can shift your internal frequency towards the approximate “feeling” of your desired reality – the unconscious mind assumes this is true.


In turn, the unconscious mind utilizes non-linear methods to arrange your personal reality to suit the feeling you have inside. This is why people who feel unlucky often are, and conversely those who truly feel like everything is going their way – typically find resolutions that echo the sentiment.


We don’t need to understand how it all works mainly because it’s impossible. We only have about 50-60 bits of conscious processing power per second, meaning that the vast majority of the processes and mechanisms the unconscious utilizes to make something happen is beyond our scope of understanding.

It doesn’t matter either…when you understand that the “secret is the feeling”, you can focus your conscious energy to resonate with the achieved state and trust in the unconscious to make it so.


I tried it…it didn’t work!


I know some people here who will automatically claim that “The Law of Attraction” is bullshit. This is typically because people make a few mistakes in this process;


  1. They believe it’s instant

  2. They lack focus on the feeling (clarity)


Firstly, when you are reorganizing the very fabric of reality – it doesn’t happen overnight. While it is possible for an overnight or instant manifestation; people have the consider the “distance” between the desired state and their current state.


If you’re attempting to manifest a million dollars and have no business opportunities, are desperately in debt, and have no rich relatives to conveniently die and leave you their inheritance…then the unconscious will have to map out a path of least resistance towards the desired goal.


This could take some time because it will require that “YOU” behave differently in order to create and sustain this new reality. Maybe you need to become better at budgeting? Suddenly, you have all these budgeting problems appearing in your field of consciousness.


These hiccups challenges you to either face the problems and overcome them, or fold under and retreat your typical behavior. The problem with most people is that when these moments occur in their lives they allow it to affect their “emotional state”.


Since the unconscious manifest that what we feel, then when our emotional state flutters and resonates with whatever’s happening in our space – we redirect our energy and begin to manifest more of what we are experiencing.


The second issue comes when the person lacks clarity. The trick is to tune into the feeling of the desire accomplished. A place where you are convinced that you have “achieved” your desire. This means doing some real soul searching and identifying the strongest emotional state of the desire fulfilled.


Clarity is key!


Okay, follow the “feels” – but how does weed help me out?


Cannabis can help us in several ways, however, it’s important to designate cannabis as a tool in this process and not as a crutch. In other words, you should attempt to achieve these states without the influence of cannabis – HOWEVER – considering that cannabis can help disrupt mental loops such as trauma, then it stands to reason that it could potentially do the same for a “shitty situation”!


Most people – when they desire “something”, it’s usually because they don’t currently have it. If you’ve been experiencing “not having it” for a long time, it becomes a base reality. You feel like shit, and deposit this shitty feeling into your unconscious, which then in turn manifest more situations that reinforce this “shitty-ness”


This is in essence the very same way that PTSD works.  You get stuck in a loop that feeds into itself sustaining the reality that you don’t want. While logically you might understand that you need to “increase your emotional frequency”, emotionally – you are incapable of seeing beyond your current veil of misery.


It’s in these moments of sheer hopelessness that a bit of cannabis can provide you with a flood of euphoria, shining light on the darkness and providing you some fresh perspective to latch onto. Sometimes, all we need is a bit of clarity and hope to get us out of a terrible situation.


Cannabis can provide some space between you and the situation, giving you some “wiggle room” to readjust your emotional resonance with the situation. It might not even be something big, but that doesn’t matter.


The Feeling is the Secret” meaning that if you can shift your mood, you can shift your reality. Fortunately, we know that cannabis is very effective in shifting mood. Doing so with intention, can provide some significant results.


Another way that cannabis can help you is in the visualization aspect. If you need to dream up your desired state, witness yourself in your mind’s eye as “getting what you want” – cannabis can help facilitate in this process.


The trick is to not get “too” stoned, but just enough where it removes the “internal critic” from the process and where you can simply “imagine without fear”. Once you have conjured up your dream-fulfilled, you can then utilize this “plastic” state to shift your perspective into the image…and utilize your mirror neurons to embody the emotional state of your projected future-desire-fulfilled.


Don’t take my word for it…try it!


I agree with Goddard that while this could be debated until the end of days, it’s best to try these things out for yourself. Even if you are dubious on the whole “law of attraction” shtick, you can utilize this same mechanism to get fired up and train your unconscious mind to pay attention to certain outcomes you want in your life.


However, giving this an earnest try is the key to where it’s at. Maybe start small, and scale up your efforts. If it doesn’t work – you got high and visualized a good future for yourself. If it does work, you just discovered a way to manifest anything your heart desires.


All because one stoner decided to listen to a book one night while smoking a fat joint. Also, as I mentioned, you don’t have to rely only on cannabis – breathwork, meditation, visualization, etc…they all help you get into the zone.









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