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What’s the Difference Between an Infused Pre-Roll and a Regular Pre-Roll? Is One Better Than the Other?



infused pre-rolls or pre-rolls

Pre-rolls are considered one of the safest and most discreet methods of consuming cannabis and cannabinoids like CBD, D8, and It saves the consumer the stress of having to prepare their joints themselves. What’s more, these cannabis products can be easily disposed of after each session.

Some cannabis enthusiasts tend to claim that these pre-rolled blunts and joints are the least potent forms of delivering cannabis to the bloodstream. These sorts of claims are expected, given the popularity of these products. These individuals say that vape devices and distillates are more potent ways of consuming cannabis and cannabinoids. To respond to these claims of potency, I will be reviewing Stiizy’s prerolled joints.


About Stiiizy

Stiiizy is a famous award-winning cannabis brand that has been active in the U.S. cannabis industry for a while. When it comes to the potency of cannabis products like pre-rolls, concentrates, vapes, wax, and flowers, Stiiizy is one of the first brands to be considered.

The innovative brand not only produces cannabis consumables and smokables but also manufactures delivery devices. Their most common and preferred products include their high-quality indoor-grown cannabis flowers and their unique distillate-infused edibles. The easiest way to get a feel of their premium strains of flowers is by ordering their pre-rolls, specifically the resin-infused prerolled joints.

Since Stiiizy’s inception in 2017, the California-based brand has mass-produced some highly potent cannabis products. They are fondly referred to as the pioneers of the vaping and cannabis flower niches. The company used the pod and Pax era technology in its production facilities to produce top-shelf distillate. The prices of Stiizy’s premium products are pretty affordable, and they are all easily accessible within and around California.

Stiiizy has a stellar reputation that can not be displaced anytime soon. The brand’s customers have become accustomed to the artistic resins and vapes produced by the company. Stiiizy’s LIIIT line and disposable vapes have set the bar for other cannabis companies in the state. The trendsetting company has turned every idea it has into top-shelf golden products. Speaking of Stiizy’s golden products, their prerolled joints are in a league of their own.


Stiiizy’s Infused Pre-Rolls

Infused or blended pre-rolls are premade joints and blunts. These products already have every distillate, extract, and bud mixed in before they are packaged. They can have about 1 to 4 g of cannabis buds while the extracts are added within or around the stick.

Prerolled joints come in different variants. You can settle on one of the many extracts. Common pre-rolls are infused with wax or hash. Some brands, like Stiiizy’s, product their premade joints with premium extracts like rosin, resin, and even their live versions for unforgettable experiences.

Using organic cotton paper, you can create your favorite pre-rolls in different shapes and qualities. You can add up to 7g of buds. Pre-rolls professionals suggest that you get your pre-rolled joints with an extra life or mixed flowers.


Similarities Between Infused and Non-infused Pre-rolls

Both forms of pre-roll can be made with top-shelf buds. Both are ready-to-use cannabis products typically manufactured in the exact sizes and shapes. Each comes individually packaged or in packs of 6. The best way to preserve the pre-rolled joints and blunts, whether infused or not, is to seal each wrap in an airtight ziplock. When ignited, this ensures that each individual piece remains fresh and delivers a smooth flavor.

It is highly important to keep pre-rolls in childproof or airproof packages that have been completely dried out using oxides. Pre-rolls that are not correctly sealed lose their quality and taste over time till they become unfit for consumption.


The difference between infused pre-rolls and non-infused pre-rolls

The significant differences between regular and infused prerolls can easily be distinguished by the soothing effects of both products.

First of all, infused cannabis is more potent than its regular non-infused counterpart. The reason for this is straightforward: infused prerolls were blended and mixed with extracts from production. The distillates used are usually more potent because they bear more THC than the non-infused forms. When you smoke the pre-infused rolls, you’ll notice they tend to burn slower and hit harder.

The impact of infused prerolls depends on the type of extract they are blended with. For instance, pre-rolls with wax concentrates and other cheap-end distillates like hash oil extracts tend to have less potency compared to other forms of distillates.

Pre-rolls with high-shelf extracts like rosin, resin, and live resin have more effects and last longer than other distillates. When smoked or consumed, they have a smooth feel and deliver high levels of terpenes. These products are accompanied by a heavy head and a full-body buzz.


Stiiizy’s Superior Products

Stiiizy’s prerolls are perfect for smoking on the go. They are available with good flower buds weighing between 1g and 0.5g. You can also use them for the traditional “puff puff pass” at social gatherings.

A lot of effort was put into the design and quality of the rolls. The design and quality of the candles, the way they burn slowly regardless of the drags, and even the organic papers used are all of superior quality. You can store them in individual glass vials, as this would keep them fresh till it’s time to use them. Some of these rolls come in glass bottles that are perfect for storing the joints.

Cannabis connoisseurs recommend the “stiiizy prerolls” because there is a range of strain choices to choose from. Some of the available strains in the line include Peanut Butter Gelato, Strawberry Milk, Pink Acai, and Ice Cream Cake.


Bottom Line

With Stiiizy’s infused prerolled joints, the users are guaranteed a unique and elevated experience. The brand’s live resin-infused prerolls are on another level. Everyone deserves to try the vast strain menu in Stiiizy’s inventory, and the easiest way to do this is by purchasing their indoor pre-rolls. Since you now have an idea of what pre-rolls are all about, it probably won’t be a bad idea to start trying out these practical, potent joints. I doubt you’d ever want to go back to regular joints after your experience.









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